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A link to my personal Oaxaca City Google Maps. You will receive the map immediately after purchase.


This map comprises 85+ locations in and around Oaxaca City that I love. It includes my favorite restaurants, street food stalls, places to taste mezcal, places to shop, art galleries, neighborhoods to stroll, etc. It also includes day trip activities located just outside of the city.


I've included notes in each location pin that give additional details about that location or why I love it. These are my personal notes that I've gathered over almost a year of living in this incredible city. The notes will include information such as what to do there, which dish to try at a specific restaurant, the best time to go, contact information for the best tour providers, etc. 


I'm constantly updating this list as I discover new locations or as things change in the city, so your map will always be up to date with the best recommendations.


For any questions you can reach out to me here:

@Exploraddict on Instagram

Oaxaca City Guide

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